<hero description="A religious organization, created through the efforts of many valiant souls who have risked their lives in order to strengthen our noble case. Tecelium is an ancient group, founded during the times of the Ancient Roman Empire. After the fall of the Roman Empire, many members scattered throughout the world seeking refuge in foreign countries." imagename="" cropposition="" /> 

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Tecelium is a religious organization created with the sole purpose of cleansing the mass deceivers who manipulate and exploit the innocent lives of its proud members. Founded during the time of the Roman Empire, Tecelium has forged a prestigious reputation through the efforts of its proud members. Yet despite its efforts, during the fall of the Roman Empire and the death of the emperor, Romulus Augustus in 476 C.E, the Germanic leader Odoacer had the organization banished from the empire, forcing its members to flee from their homeland. With its foundation shaken, Tecelium sought refuge in foreign countries, hoping that one day its organization would flourish once more.

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